Anne Bader

AnneBader Anne C Bader, Principal, Bader Resources, LLC is a Washington DC based consultant with 30 years’ experience creating practical initiatives and multi stakeholder networks to build local capacity and sustainable security for clients in government, business and education. In 2012, she founded The International Cybersecurity Dialogue (ICD) to promote dialogue between policy makers and security technologists. She serves as a Senior Associate Fellow of the Institute of Statecraft, London, United Kingdom. Mrs. Bader served as Senior Research Fellow and Director, ARAG, The Defence Academy of The United Kingdom; Visiting Programme Director, Wilton Park; Executive Vice President, The Fund for Peace; Vice President, the Atlantic Council of the U.S; Vice President, Trinity College and Vice President, Business Executives for National Security all of Washington DC. A graduate of Trinity College, Washington DC, she is a member of the National Press Club, Women in International Security, the Board of the Hungarian American Coalition and the 2019 Cyber Security Summit, Minneapolis. She received a NATO Certificate of Appreciation for NATO TRUST and is an Honorary Citizen of Hungary and a Silver Owl, National Press Club.