Revue de Recherche sur le Renseignement

Created on the initiative of its two editors, Professors Alain Bauer, Director of the Cnam's PSDR3C and Philippe Baumard, Director of the Cnam's ESDR3C, the Revue de Recherche sur le Renseignement is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to rigorous policy research and analysis, with a focus on French intelligence studies.

The journal includes systematic analysis of policy choices in addressing key issues of science and innovation policy in the intelligence community, and key issues such as espionage, cybercrime, terrorism, counterfeiting, and much more. 

Find the first two issues online in English:

RRR number 1, Editor-in-Chief Gérald Arboit, SDRT-I3C permanent member 

RRR number 2, Editor-in-Chief Gérald Arboit, SDRT-I3C permanent member