Alex Berger

Alex berger

Alex Berger is a producer, designer, consultant and entrepreneur in the fields of media and strategy. In the course of his professional life, he has created or participated in numerous programs (Rapido, Burger Quiz), invented the multi-access portal (Vizzavi), founded or accelerated the growth of several companies (NBdC, Chez Wam, Canal+, TOP-The Originals Productions... ) and has held a number of positions of responsibility, notably alongside Pierre Lescure at Canal+, as CEO of CanalNumédia and VivendiNet (Vivendi-Universal Group), and as Chairman of MM&I, a strategic consulting firm for numerous companies and institutions. 

Since 2008, as founder and Chairman of TOG-The Originals Group and TOP-The Originals Productions, he has been producing premium series for the French and international markets. He is producer of Le Bureau des Légendes on Canal Plus as well as its American remake, The Department, streamed in 120 countries with Showtime/Paramount+. He is also producer of La Maison for Apple TV+.

Alongside his work as a producer, he is involved with ANSSI, the French national security agency, as a member of the Agora 41 Think Tank. In 2022, Alex Berger was appointed colonel of the French Air Force's citizen reserve.

He is also President of the ôkhra eco-museum, President of the Association pour l'Organisation du Centre de la Couleur de Roussillon (OCCR) and head of the CCFF (Comité Communal Feux de Forêt) in Roussillon, Vaucluse.