Conference of the 'Institute for future Initiatives, University of Tokyo

"Complex Challenges in an Urban World"

March 12, 2021
21h - 22h30

On Friday 12th of March 2021, from 21:00 to 22:30, the "Complex Challenge in an Urban world" conference, organised by the Institute for Future Initiatives of the University of Tokyo, will be held on Zoom.

Urban areas are faced with new health, safety, migratory and environmental risks. As a true reflection of socio-economic and political evolutions, cities are a major space for observing changes in social space. These new challenges will be discussed by a panel of researchers.

During this conference, Guillaume SOTO-MAYOR, professor and researcher member of the CNAM's Security and Defence Research Team, will give a presentation on "The Washington Consensus and the Rise of Organized Crime in Urban Areas".