Jean-Yves Camus

camus Jean-Yves Camus is Director of the Observatoire des Radicalités Politiques (ORAP) at the Fondation Jean Jaurès and was a research associate at the Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS). His research interests include the intellectual history of the radical right in Europe and relations between the radical right and Russia since the early 19th century. He has contributed to the collective volume ‘Histoire politique de l'antisémitisme en France De 1967 à nos jours’ (Robert Laffont, 2018, edited by Alexandre Bande, Rudy Reichstadt, Pierre-Jérôme Biscarat.

In 2015, with Nicolas Lebourg, he published ‘Les droits extrêmes en Europe’ (Extreme rights in Europe), published in English under the title 'Far-Right Politics in Europe' by Harvard University Press (March 2017).