Rabii Ben Amara


Doctor in Management Sciences



Rabii BEN AMARA holds a PhD in Management Sciences, jointly supervised by CNAM Paris (France) and IHEC Carthage (Tunisia).

He is an associate researcher in the Security & Defense - Intelligence, Criminology, Crises, Cyberthreats (SDRT-I3C) laboratory at Cnam Paris. Member of the Business Economics and Strategies Laboratory (ECSTRA) at IHEC Carthage.

My work focuses on (1) coopetition strategies, (2) the informal economy, (3) informal networks, (4) security and defense issues (economic intelligence, new financial crimes, applied research methods, game theory and linear programming, etc.).

I run the applied data analysis seminar, the network analysis seminar, the game theory and linear programming seminar, within the SDRT-I3C laboratory (courses for Cnam Paris security and defense PhD students). I also give occasional lectures at other seminars and scientific events.