Sébastien Boussois

Sébastien BoussoisSébastien Boussois is a doctor in political science, a researcher in Euro-Arab relations associated with the CECID (Université Libre de Bruxelles), the UQAM (OMAN- Université de Montréal), the NCCT (Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation/ Stockholm), and for SAVE BELGIUM (Society Against Violent Extremism). He is a teacher of international relations, a lecturer and a consultant in political strategy and communication, global geopolitics, the Gulf countries, terrorism and radicalization, the Middle East and Euro-Mediterranean issues. He is a regular speaker in the media and has written several books on these subjects of expertise, notably on Daech, terrorism between France and Belgium, a book of interviews between the father of a victim of the Bataclan and the father of one of the three assailants, and has spent several years giving training on violent extremism, jihad, new threats and radicalization in France and Belgium.