Research projects - SDRT I3C

The research programme of the Cnam's Security and Defense Team is composed of seven thematic axes around which researchers will be grouped according to their field of expertise. The seven defined axes cover the three main issues of research on responses to criminogenic crises:

  • Preparing public and private organizations to deal with crises;

  • Building a strategic response and coordinating resources upstream and downstream of criminal phenomena;

  • Developing learning systems adapted to criminal issues.

The role of each team is to facilitate research on their theme through seminars, the production of scientific articles and interventions in public and industrial settings. Each axe is supervised by one or two teachers specialized in the research topic.

Research projects:

Research projects of the SDRT are organized by axes.

Axis 1: Terrorism(s)/Counterterrorism, Radicalisation/Resocialisation

Axis 2: Cybersecurity, Cybercriminality, Cyberdefense (C3)

Axis 3: New financial criminalities

Axis 4: Major Organized Crime and emerging Criminalities

Axis 5: Modeling and probabilistic models for Security

Axis 6: Transformative Research and Socio-Economic Assessment Methodology in Terrorism and Crime

Axis 7: Innovation dynamics in terms of Security and Defense