Axis 1 - Terrorism(s)/counter-terrorism, radicalization/resocialization

Professors supervising the research axis : Pr. Alain Bauer (Cnam) - Pr. Elyamine Settoul (Cnam)

Associate researchers: Prof. Ryszard Machnikowski, Prof. Peter Lehr, Dr. Christian Vallar, Dr. Magnus Ranstorp, Javier Argomaniz, Matthias Biesemans, Bakary Sambe, Thierry Toutin, Hélène L'Heuillet, Prof. Robert Cario

Associate experts: Dr. Sajjan Gohel

Our work focuses on empirically deciphering the processes of radicalization and disengagement. With the return of hundreds of foreign fighters, our investigations now tend to focus on the prison management of these prisoners. The aim is to understand more specifically the conditions of desistance and ideological disengagement.

These lines of work are supported by two European projects. These are the Erasmus CEDAR project (Continuing Education Against Radicalization) and the MIRAD project (Multi-Ideological Radicalisation Assessment towards Disengagement). The CEDAR project brings together 6 European partner actors: University of Toulouse, University Rey Juan Carlos, University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg, Klasa Foundation of Warsaw and the company Qualify based in Portugal. The consortium was built by the PSDR3C team of the CNAM Paris (Conservatoire national des arts et métiers) based on the expertise that the laboratory has in criminology and training on radicalization for several years already.

The CNAM Paris created in 2018 a certificate "Prevention of radicalization" whose objectives aim at a better understanding of the phenomena of radicalization, to help in the detection of signs of radicalization and give a legal framework concerning the fight against radicalization. The approach of this training is both theoretical (explanatory paradigms) and empirical (analysis of practical cases). The CNAM certification is now a reference in the landscape of specialized training on this theme. This partner is therefore essential for the CEDAR project, especially for the implementation of training content. It is natural that the CNAM Paris is the coordinator of this project.

Research Project

Research Project 1: CEDAR (Continuing Education Against Radicalization).

Research Project 2: MIRAD (Multi-Ideological Radicalisation Assessment towards Disengagement).